MAScIR team meets the universit...Feb 14 2014

MAScIR organizes a workshop in Mohamed V University Agdal – Department of Chemistry The goal of...


MAScIR hosted a conference abou...Oct 04 2013

Prof. Dirk J. Broer is polymer chemist (PhD-University of Groningen) and specialized in polymer...


MAScIR has organized a conferen...Sep 25 2013

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ennaoui studied Physics and Chemistry and holds in 1976 his M. Sc. degree in solid...


MAScIR participates to the “E...Sep 12 2013

EMPC 2013 or European Microelectronics Packaging Conference was held from 9 to 12 September in...

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Through its world-class expertise and state-of –the-art technology in nanomaterials & nanotechnology, biotechnology and microelectronics, MAScIR thrives to find innovative solutions to market needs in the wide fields of environment, energy & health.
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Architecture solution for real-time deblurring image/video technique
Author(s): Hicham Ghennioui and François Bourzeix
Conception, développement et prototypage d’un système embarqué à base de FPGA et de micro-caméra
Author(s): Bouchaib KHARBOUCH, Andronic BONARIJESY, Noureddine KACHKACHI,Zakaria RUICHEK, Mounir MAMDOUHE, Hicham GHENNIOUI, François BOURZEIX
A greening approach for the synthesis -amino-phosphonates
Author(s): A. Lemaanni, A. Snik, M. Solhy, S. Sebti, M. Zahouily Source : Gestion Environnemental des Produits Chimiques. Proceedings GEPROC4. 2010, vol. 2, pages 165-171

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Magnetic Properties and Phase Transitions in a Diluted Ferromagnet: Ising, XY, and Heisenberg Models